The Hero's Journey



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The Odyssey- Homer

Textbook pg. 892


    • Literary Text
      • the classical epic poem
      • allusion
      • archetype
      • arete
      • epic poetry
      • epic/Homeric simile
      • epithet
      • hero
      • heroic couplet
      • iambic pentameter
      • invocation
      • narrative
      • oral tradition
Informational Text
      • chronological order
      • thesis statement
      • evidence


Write an essay in which you take a position on whether or not Odysseus exhibits the characteristics of an epic hero. State your thesis clearly and include at least three pieces of evidence to support the thesis. (W.9-10.1)
Due Date:

Write a poem or prose narrative about a journey you or someone you know has taken, using epic similes, epithets, and allusions. (W.9-10.3)

Due Date:

Write an essay in which you compare the ways in which the theme of heroism is treated in The Odyssey and one of the contemporary nonfiction accounts. State thesis clearly and include at least three pieces of evidence to support the thesis. (RL.9-10.2, RI.9-10.7, W.9-10.2)

Due Date:

Select a one-minute passage from The Odyssey or The Aeneid and recite it from memory. Include an introduction that states:
      • What the excerpt is.
      • Who wrote it.
      • Why it is significant as an example of an important literary tradition. (RL.9-10.6, SL9-10.6)
      • Due Date:
Seminar Question
“Is Odysseus courageous?” The seminar question may also be used as an essay topic. (RL.9-10.3 and SL.9-10.1, SL.9-10.4, and SL.9-10.6)


Informational Text

      • Excerpts from The Gold of Troy (Robert Payne)
      • Excerpts from Odysseus in America: Combat Trauma and the Trials of Homecoming (Jonathan Shay)
      • Excerpts from Goodbye, Darkness: A Memoir of the Pacific War (William Manchester)
      • Soldier’s Heart: Reading Literature Through Peace and War at West Point (Elizabeth D. Samet)
      • Operation Homecoming: Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Home Front in the Words of U.S. Troops and Their Families (Andrew Carroll, ed.)
      • The Hero with a Thousand Faces (Joseph Campbell)

Art, Music, and Media


      • Henry Purcell, Dido and Aeneas (1689)

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